Suzanne Nossel, Adam Hanieh and Marianne Kneuer Confirmed as Plenary Speakers

We are pleased to announce that Suzanne Nossel, Chief Executive Officer at Pen America (US), Adam Hanieh, Reader in Development Studies SOAS, University of London (UK) and IPSA President Prof. Marianne Kneuer have been confirmed as plenary speakers at the 2020 IPSA World Congress.


Suzanne Nossel will deliver a plenary speech, titled The Future of Free Speech, will focus on the major threats to free speech and what it will take to address them. Suzanne Nossel has served in the Obama Administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, leading US engagement in the UN and multilateral institutions on human right issues.

Prof. Adam Hanieh’s plenary address is titled Migration, Methodological Nationalism, and the Global Political Economy: Thinking Across Borders. His presentation surveys key theoretical approaches to migration in political science and makes the case for renewing and developing a global political economy perspective that is grounded in a critique of methodological nationalism.

IPSA President Prof. Marianne Kneuer will lead the President’s Plenary session at the Congress. The Plenary, titled Nationalism and Illiberalism - A Dangerous Pair, will bring together distinguished scholars. This plenary session will discuss the implications of renationalization and illiberal backlash from different regional perspectives.

Other Plenary Speakers at the IPSA Congress
Prof. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak - University Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University
Presentation: Why Nationalisms in South and North Today?

Prof. Liah Greenfeld - University Professor and Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Anthropology at Boston University
Presentation: Globalization of Nationalism