Update - 13 July Highlight Events

The Council Elected IPSA’s New President and President-elect

The IPSA Council, the highest decision-making body of the Association, has elected Prof. Dianne Pinderhughes (United States) as the new President of IPSA, succeeding Prof. Dr. Marianne Kneuer. Prof. Pinderhughes will serve a two-year term from 2021 to 2023.

The IPSA Council has also elected Prof. Pablo Oñate (Spain) as the President-elect. Prof. Oñate will serve two years as President-elect and will become President at the 2023 IPSA World Congress in Buenos Aires.

On behalf of IPSA and the global Political Science community, we congratulate Prof. Pinderhughes and Prof. Oñate on their new positions. More information available here. 

Highlight Events - Tuesday 13 July

SS.12 Nationalism and International (Dis)order | 12:00 - 13:30 UTC

The panel will address the challenges that in the past decade the resurgence of nationalism has brought to the liberal international and how it is forcing its reconfiguration. Despite Trump’s defeat in 2020, several leaders from both great and middle powers keep using nationalism to challenge the liberal order and democracy. The pandemic has also accelerated the disintegration of the economy. The three speakers, Maria Raquel Freire, Miguel Poiares Maduro and Ricardo Reis, will focus on the regional and global aspects of this phenomenon. The panel is in memory of Nuno P. Monteiro.

AS.05 Global South Award Lecture | 12:15 - 13:30 UTC

2021 IPSA Global South Award recipient Abdalhadi Alijla will delivered an award lecture at 12:15 UTC, titled Palestine and the Habeas Viscus: An Autoethnography of Travel, Visa Violence, and Borders. His paper is an autoethnography of the lives of Palestinians as a state of exception, visa violence, airports and borders. Borrowing Weheliye’s concept of habeas viscus, the paper examines and describes experiences such as visa applications, rejections, travel, and encounters with border officials.

SS.04 Film - Searching for Andreas: Political Leadership in Times of Crisis | 13:30-15:30 UTC

Searching for Andreas: Political Leadership in Times of Crisis is an award-winning political documentary which premiered at the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and won two awards at the  2019 International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra. The film will be screened at 13:30 UTC and a live Q&A session with the with the filmmaker Harris Mylonas will follow at 15:00 UTC. 

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