Candidate Selection and Intra-party Democracy

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How party members can participate in the discussions and decision-making processes of their party has been studied quite frequently, and in this context the procedures of candidate selection were also looked at. Only recently has candidate selection as an independent subject regained attention and became the subject of more empirical research in various countries, for instance by a comprehensive study in Germany. This panel aims at finding out more about the interdependence of the selection of candidates for national parliaments and intra-party democracy. What is the legal and organizational, the cultural and informal framework of intra-party democracy? Does this influence the results of candidate selection, for instance the selectivity of aspirants, the features of candidates, the chances of winning a seat in parliament etc.? Since candidate selection can affect the makeup, turnover rate and legislative behavior of MPs, it is also of utmost importance for the representativeness and performance of parliamentary party groups and parliaments.