Current Issues and Challenges to Human Rights

Open Panel

Although international human rights norms have been expanding, their implementation lagged behind due to various continuous challenges such as rejection of universalism, selective acceptance and endorsement of certain human rights at the expense of others, the lack of political will, limited state capacity, and the abuse and subversion of human rights to achieve other goals. Nevertheless, the emancipatory promise of human rights has been appealing to the disadvantaged segments, and social, economic and political issues have been increasingly framed as human rights issues and policy goals. While the demand for the fulfillment of human rights is on the rise, human rights encounter new challenges, in addition to the persistent obstacles. This panel addresses the relationship between these additional challenges and human rights policy formulations. Among those challenges, one can consider increasing income inequalities within and among countries, neoliberal economic paradigm, authoritarianism, terrorism, nationalism, militarism, and religious fundamentalism, among others.