Human Rights Theory: Challenges of XXI century

Open Panel

This panel is devoted to urgent problems of Human Rights theory, which arise constantly in contemporary time. One of them is an old contradiction between the human rights universality and the cultural specifics of nations or ethnic groups. Now more and more people from non-western countries start participating in public debates: what can they add to the classic human rights theory? Another problem is connected with the dilemma between the old conception of human rights and the more new concept, which claims that all human rights are equal. The third problem is the problem of human dignity and responsibility – we saw many examples, when some people did not have any sense of dignity. Now the majority of people respect human rights for life. But some questions still exist: when does human life begin? Do humans have the right for death (Euthanasia problem)? .
It is not a comprehensive list of human rights theory problems. We are sure, that the problems we have mentioned here, as well as the other problems, must be the subject of the discussion during our panel.