Interplay of Decentralization and Recentralization Under New Circumstances

Closed Panel

Although the interplay of decentralisation and recentralisation is rather constant, when observed in long-term perspective, there are several new circumstances at the global, regional, or national levels requesting fresh examination in the contemporary world. Some of them are:
- Global economic, financial and fiscal crises that began in 2007,
- Austerity measures imposed by numerous governments as a response to the financial crisis,
- Migration crisis of 2015-2016 followed by serious integration problems,
- Rise of populism and nationalism in some countries,
- Geostrategic changes and wars,
- Unfinished post-socialist transition with shrinking governance concepts, etc.
The intention is to analyse several cases and initiate a debate about the influence of these circumstances on the decentralisation-recentralisation pendulum swinging back and forth.