Local Participatory Democracy

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A few decades ago, multiple mechanisms of citizen participation emerged around the world: from the experience of Porto Alegre, in Brazil, many theorists and practitioners of public administration spoke of a new form of democracy, which promised both a better state and a democratic strengthening, especially at the local level. Even so, there are many criticisms of the implementation of these models, in terms of their representativeness and their ability to implement long-term mechanisms that overcome good local practices. With this in mind, the main objective of this panel is to discuss the potentials and challenges facing local participatory democracy in today's world, taking into account multilevel governance processes, decentralization processes and formal and informal institutional frameworks of its implementation. Articles that are the result of empirical research projects will be privileged, based on theoretical parameters that go beyond good practices, and will seek to have geographic diversity in the works. Articles that start comparative works from the beginning will be recommended for the selection.