Nationalism and Geopolitics in Today's Globalized World

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As it very well may be felt that globalization has brought about expanded progression of connection between individuals from various nation, dissolving the uniquely recognisable national characters. Today's world can be viewed as a universe of, to a great extent, blended societies inside nations where worldwide qualities and socio-social structures are permitted as well as can be effectively distinguished. It tends to be said that the previous national majority between contrasting countries has to a great extent been decreased, bringing about the idea of a solitary worldwide social network. This change can be felt in Political, Social, Economic and Cultural parts of any country. Presently Citizens are more than permitted to execute recently learned cultural practices into their regular day to day existences, which basically consumes their very own connections to their national culture. Subsequently, the general national culture undermines the patriot belief system. In the 21st century, the social ties that take into consideration patriotism to happen have been ostensibly rendered out of date. In this period it can likewise be said that issues of global interests have conquered the national interests. This panel invites opinion and research papers that examines these aspects of Nationalism and features the ebb and flow status and future of nationalism in this contemporary world.