New Directions in the Study of EU Elites

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European integration has been rightly described as an elite project and the resulting EU institutions that emerged from this process see top national political elites interacting with elected and appointed supranational elites. This new layer of political positions has boosted studies of multilevel careers whilst questions often studied at the national level, such as portfolio allocation and committee assignments, have found new theoretical and empirical applications. Basic information on the composition and circulation of EU elites that would help make sense of EU inter-institutional relations and decisions, but also how the EU setting has altered career paths of European political elites are however still lacking. This is obviously true for the lesser studied EU institutions, but arguably for the European Parliament and the European Commission as well. We therefore welcome papers based on the collection of novel data on members of the different EU institutions that deepens our understanding of the functioning of the EU or addresses the distinctiveness of the careers it has generated.