Portuguese-Speaking Small Island Developing States - Fifty Years On (PSIDS Studies)

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Portuguese-Speaking Small Island Developing States - fifty years on

The starting point for this branch of studies is the acknowledgement that these three countries (Cabo-Verde; Sao Tome e Principe; Timor Leste) share three common characteristics: first, they are categorized as Small Islands Developing States (SIDS), sharing characteristics such as vulnerability, remoteness, and limited access to resources; secondly, they have Portuguese as their official language, due to their colonial past; and, thirdly, they became independent from Portugal in 1975. Guine-Bissau is also included due to its historical relationship with Cabo-Verde.

This proposed panel would set a platform for analysis of the social, political and economic development processes of the PSIDS since their independence.

The organizers, namely Dr. Francisco José Bernardino da Silva Leandro (eurofor1152@gmail.com or franciscoleandro@cityu.mo, Portuguese National, City University of Macau, China), Dr. Enrique Martínez Galán (egalan@adb.org, Spanish National, Asian Development Bank, Philippines), and Dr. Wu Yuxian (yxwu@cityu.mo, Chinese national, City University of Macau, China), already identified young researchers (male and female), coming from all the countries mentioned above, to participate in the panel.

Chair: Professor Francisco Leandro (Macau, China)

Co-Chair – Dr. Enrique Martinez (Philippines)

Discussant 1 – Dr. Wu Yuxian (Female) (China)

Discussant 2 – Professor Jose Alves (Macau, China)


No accepted papers currently in this panel.