Brazil-Africa Cooperation: Challenges in the 21st century

Prof. Joyce Alves

Cooperation in Brazil-Africa relations is permeated by strong historical and cultural identities. Brazil's approach to the African continent has increased since the 1960s, against the backdrop of growing African independence and Brazil with industrialization. With the changes in the international scenario and the intensity of Brazil-Africa relations, our research objective is to analyze what have been the main challenges in the context of international cooperation for the 21st century, understanding that the challenges reveal possibilities and difficulties that form the basis. in discussions about cooperation. Thus, from the bibliographical research and the theoretical framework of International Cooperation and South-South Cooperation, we will seek to answer the following research question: What are the main challenges of Brazil-Africa Cooperation in the 21st century evidenced in the theoretical debates? To this end, we consider that Brazil and the African continent have outlined their strategies in various areas of international cooperation, which has generated academic and political discussions on qualitative gains for both.