Buddhism and Its’ Role in Inter-Civilization Interaction in Inner Asia

Dr. Damdin Badaraev

The paper explores the state of Buddhism in Mongolia and Buryatia. Based on numerous statistics and data of sociological surveys the transformation of Buddhism as a social institution and religion is discussed. Buddhism is a traditional religion for Mongolians and historically considered to have a consolidating role for whole Mongolian nation. What is the current role of Buddhism in Mongolia and Buryatia? Could be the Buddhism a mediator for Inter-Civilization Interaction in Inner Asia? Those are the research questions addressed in the paper. Since 2004 number of Buddhist temples remain the same quantity at the end of 2018 (137/134), while a number of Christian churches has tripled in those years (63/196) in Mongolia. The results of a sociological surveys conducted in Mongolia and Buryatia from 2012 to 2018 are widely used to analyze the situation and answer the research questions.