Chronicle of a Failure. Reform of the political finance system in Uruguay

Miss Maria Victoria Teran Silvestri

Uruguay has had a law on the financing of political parties since 2008, which was first implemented in the 2009-2010 election cycle. After two cycles of implementation and with negative assessments by public opinion and academia, political actors set out to reform the system. However, the reform failed.
This paper reviews the formal aspects of the law and its proposed reform in a key-compared document. It analyses and explains the causes of failure through interviews with the most important actors in the political system and reviews parliamentary chronicles and discussions. In addition, it is indicated what aspects should be modified in order for future reform to be possible.
Uruguay is not an island in the region, and the corruption scandals that severely affected its neighbors also damaged the credibility of the system. Despite being the best "class student" compared to them, he has lessons to learn and good practices to incorporate.