Co-existence of Nationalism and Globalism

Dr. Renu Srivastava

New nationalism and globalism will have to co-exist in an open world. It will reduce dependency upon superpowers. In the chronicled history of human civilization of three thousand years, never ever had the diverse entities of nations, to live together and co-exist in the manner, the Indian diaspora is living up to this reality abroad. Invasions, wars, defeats and conquests were the violent manifestations of human desire and greed to rule over the world so far. But rarely, had people ever thought of conquering the hearts, minds and souls of other nations settled in other territories by peaceful means through ICT, Google & Internet.

The paper intends to examine, the changing contours of nationalism then and now.

Methodology applied will be historical, analytical and elemental. The world is indebted to Europe for the gift of Nationalism, which fulfilled twin objectives of mankind - first is the quest for identity and the next is freedom from war and conflicts in socio-eco-political domains.
Swami Vivekananda’s address at Chicago 1893 on subjects like religion, philosophy, nationalism, science and ancient wisdom, emphasized upon the exchange of knowledge’s of religion and sciences between India and Europe to balance the growth of mankind. He re-iterated that connection between nation and universe was inseparable. In-fact the diverse stages of development separated the national identities.
Hence, economic development was the pre-condition for human progression, peace and brotherhood, so fervently fought by European & American brethren’s in the 19th century. 20th century was the era of Nationalism in Afro-Asian and Latin American countries as a follow up effect of West. However, post 1990 globalization emerged as a result of WTO, migration of labor, international trade, businesses, science, technologies, researches and collaborations. Global objectives cannot be achieved either in isolation or in face of terrorism in underdeveloped countries. In spite of interdependence, the western countries do not want to invest and trade with poor developing countries. Hence, the return of protectionism has automatically resulted into new Nationalism globally.
A peaceful global order can be achieved only through strong nations. Global partnership in redeeming poverty needs to be the most desired common goal. Chinese ambition of dumping threatens the rise of new colonialism. Brexit and US Visa regimentation are the indicators of similar concerns.