THE Denuclearization and Peace Treaty concepts in negotiation strategy US and North Korea

Dr. Marceli Burdelski

The Denuclearization and Peace Treaty concepts in negotiations strategy US and North Korea
Nuclear policy of North Korean Leader was serious violation NPT treaty and series tensions after nuclear and ICBM tests on the Korean Peninsula. Author in paper explain change priorities of policy North Korea. Kim Jong Un 2018 New Year speech presnt new policy to South Korea and US. in 2018 was lot significant events like Three South North Summits and Singapore Summit Kim -Trump. In the region was intensive diplomacy with participance Leaders US, China, North Korea , South Korea and Russia. Positive result this process was double freezing ( no nuclear tand missile tests ). North Korean negotiating strategy is basic on get from US ban of Security Council Sanctions and use tricks . US wait for complet verified, in verssible enuclearization. In 2019 process was slowly by failure Hanoi Summit. In North South relations was not progress. For three scenrio development situation on the Korean Peninsula is still status quo. Main cards are in the Hands of Leaders Donald Trump an d Kim Jong Un . Is very difficult find satified solutions. National Interests main actors are very different.