Djibouti, a Nationalist Foreign policy ?

Dr. Sonia Le Gouriellec

There are many profound transformations in the Horn of Africa but still a little Gaulish village resisting to the transformations…. Since its independence, Djibouti only knew two presidents and use populism, authoritarianism and ethnicism to stay in power. In this papier I will talk about the strong personalization of political power in Djibouti and the way the regime survive and link it to the transformation of the foreign policy. The current President has consolidated his power through the use of a wide network of patronage and instruments of coercion that make many commentators say that Djibouti is a "police state". These networks of patronage and the security apparatus are the pillars of Djiboutian political power. Nationalism expresses itself within the foreign policy. Last decade the Djiboutian strategy was the internationalization the country renews the notion of non-alignment through multi-alignment. But the external actors’ rivalry in the country could, paradoxically, threaten the regime.