The Index for Politicians Quality: A Proposal to Evaluate Political Elites

Dr. Monica Montaño Reyes

Usually citizens, media and political actors discuss about “good” or “bad” politicians. However, it is difficult to find a political science concept to really measure how good or bad politicians are, regarding either their characteristics or their results. The Index for Politicians Quality (IPQ) seeks to analyze and evaluate politicians in representative institutions regarding their characteristics. There are three main dimensions: the professional-academic dimension, the political experience dimension and the political vocation. With this index we seek to evaluate permanently the evolution of political class in different political spaces like parliaments, political parties elites, cabinets, etc. First, a revision of other indexes of quality or profesionalization is presented. Then, the variables and indicators of the IPQ are explained. Afterwards, we present the results of the index applied to Latin American legislators using PELA database. We welcome the discussion about the implications and limitations of this index.