Nationalism a threat to Regional Integration in the African context: A Reality or Fallacy

Mr. Levious Chiukira

The world has been faced with a wide range of challenges spanning from natural disasters, terrorism and collapse of the international financial system. These challenges have generated severe problems in the global order and has forced states to find solutions as individuals as demonstrated by the failure of the Doha round of negotiations and subsequent efforts to resuscitate it. With ailing international assistance the countries are being forced to find alternatives from within. The pressure on the state leaders have resulted in them opting to place domestic challenges upfront before they consider other countries. Africa has been currently moving to integrate the region through establishment of African Continental Free Trade area which is now at advanced stage following ratifications. With already existing regional integration efforts through the African Union (AU) facing challenges as members identify themselves more with sub regional organizations than AU as a whole, it will be fascinating to see how it will overcome. It is in the interest of the investigator to understand how Africa will proceed with integration in a world which is disintegrating. This will entail how Africa will balance between the quest of nationalism and regional integration. This is against the background of the effort which has been put in place by both state and non-state actors to have one Africa. The paper seeks to contribute to the debate on whether nationalism is a real threat to regional integration or just a fallacy and grandiloquence by world leaders in the African context. The study will use qualitative methods for gathering data as interviews and literature review shall be applied. It is in the interest of the researcher to use sampling methods on the identification of participants. On data analysis content or thematic analysis shall be used and applied.
Key words: nationalism, regional integration, sovereignty, African Union, Free trade