Party Identification and Cultural Theory – Specifying Deep Normative Core Beliefs in Europe

Ms. Johanna Hornung
Prof. Nils C. Bandelow

Cultural theory has been applied frequently to measure deep normative core beliefs at least and particularly in ACF research in US American contexts. However, research on the conceptualization and operationalization of deep normative core beliefs in European contexts is underdeveloped. This contribution provides empirical evidence for the measurement of deep normative core beliefs and cultural theory through partisan affiliation by using the acknowledged and extensive European Social Survey dataset of 2016. Cross-checking the correlation of cultural worldviews with party identification and assessing their explanatory power for policy core beliefs via linear regression analysis allows for answering the question how deep normative core beliefs are best operationalized across and within European countries. Our results indicate that an appropriate measurement of deep normative core beliefs is dependent both on the national context and the policy subsystem, and that cultural theory and partisanship each are useful conceptualizations in some contexts but not others.