State capacity and public policy implementation of open data: the Brazilian context

Prof. Murilo Borsio Bataglia
Prof. Ana Farranha

Brazil was called upon to co-chair the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2011. From this initiative, there were a several of institutional changes responsible for adapting structures and services to be in the line of OGP's principles and Brazilian plans of action. However, there were changes in the governmental context that may have influenced this trajectory. Based on this, it is intended to verify: how has the implementation of open data in Federal Executive Branch taken place? It is know that there is a federal open data policy coordinated by the Comptroller General of Union (CGU). However, it is asked: how the several institutional of Federal sphere have adhered to this policy and put it in practice? To this end, we work with a literature review on public policy implementation, open data, state capacity, and, afterwards, an exploratory is done on the selected ministry sites to search for elements that reflect this perspective (rules, documents, plans). The hypothesis is that in the face of new context, it shifted from an implementation perspective focused on democratic processes, to an economic view of data handling and resistance to the openness - associated with the new government context.