What remains of European federalism after the crisis? A bidimensional anlaysis of integration, disintegration and politisation after Brexit and Eurocrisis

Mr. Francesco Violi

Federalism has been considered for years as mainly the ideology of building a state mirroring the features of a federal state like well established federations. Nonetheless, the EU has underwent and is undergoing many dramatic changes in the last years, that require a deeper reflection. While maintaining the teleological dimension of European federalism inside the discourse, this papers aim focusing on the process, rather than focusing on the final outcome. This paper argues that the current processes of integration and disintegration, politisation or depolitisation of the Commission are part of a pattern that already occurred, with some differences, in other Federal Political Systems. This analysis will particularly focus on the changes in the Economic and Monetary Union, on Brexit and on the Europeanisation of public spheres as three different developments of EU integration and disintegration, representing three case studies for relaunching federalism as theory of integration and disintegration.