The schedule of panels is available on the Schedule page.

Note that each panel was scheduled taking into account the individual time restrictions indicated in the submitted schedule information form, individual conflicts with other roles in the program and preferences indicated by the panelists. In all, there are five (5) levels of restrictions/conflicts that were considered during the scheduling process, which was not an easy task given the span of time zones.

We are aware that some scheduled time periods may not be optimal for all panelists. If the majority of panelists are absolutely unable to participate at the scheduled time, the panel convenor or chair may send a reschedule request to by 20 June 2021. All members of the panel MUST be consulted before sending the request. Due to the international nature of the Congress with participants from a range of time zones who often participate in multiple panels, we will unfortunately not able to accommodate everyone’s request.

The Congress Schedule (in UTC) is organized as follows.