GS04 International Relations and International Political Theory

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Dr. Carlos R. S. Milani

The general session International Relations will accept proposals dealing with the understanding of new nationalisms in a world order characterized by openness, interdependence and globalization, but also asymmetry, hierarchy, new forms of domination, coloniality of power and humiliation. First, it will focus on the rapid changes in relations between traditional and rising powers, the emergence of new and flexible coalitions, the institutional crisis of multilateralism and the disconnect between norm and power in contemporary global governance and international organizations. Second, it will foster approaches that aim to interpret and explain how social mobilizations outside traditional institutional instances act in the world scenario and react to critical consequences provoked by state-market relations in societies and the global environment. Third, it will stimulate comparisons from both the Global North and the Global South, including contradictions between the domestic, the regional and the global dimensions of the international behavior of states, businesses, social movements, NGO’s, religious actors, etc. Fourth, it will promote panels and debates on the nature of conflict in contemporary international relations and how changes in conceptions of war and peace affect security internationally and collectively. Fifth, it will encourage proposals coming from a plurality of schools of thought, theories and methods, but also from a variety of geographical and institutional origins.