GS07 Public Policy and Government

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Session Chairs
Dr. Michael Howlett
Prof. Hasret Dikici Bilgin

“Challenges, Trends and Directions in Public Policy”

The General Session on Public Policy and Government at the 26th IPSA World Congress is centered on better understanding public policy and provides a venue for papers dealing with contemporary challenges, trends and directions in field. For example, among the trends observable in recent years in the practice of public policy-making which has challenged orthodox policy studies has been a retreat from evidence and the emergence of concerns in many countries and circles around “fake news”, “truthiness” and the impact of a ‘post-fact’ world on policy processes, content and outcomes. The policy and political sciences have only recently begun to grapple with the impact of new phenomena such as these and the challenges they pose to traditional models and thinking in the policy sciences. These and other such trends need careful analysis and the set of panels in this General Session will provide an opportunity for consideration and analysis of recent empirical and theoretical work in the political science and public policy communities on all subjects related to public policy-making.