LOC04 Governance and Public Policy | Governação e Políticas Públicas

Session Code
Session Chairs
Dr. Luis De Sousa
Dr. André Azevedo Alves
Session Convenors
Dr. Carlos Jalali

The Governance and Public Policy sessions will cover all aspects related with policy formulation, implementation, evaluation and impact. Areas of particular (but not exclusive) interest include contemporary challenges to governance, social policy and social inclusion, public administration issues, transparency and corruption in government, regional, local and urban policy, political elites and the policy process, innovation and institutional change.

The Governance and Public Policy sessions welcome theoretical as well as empirical based contributions as long as they constitute substantive additions to the existing governance and public policy literature.

Contributions may examine issues from a comparative perspective of theories, models, frameworks or cases of policy processes and outcomes; focus on the evolution of governance and public policy over time; analyze in depth specific models or cases assessing the role of key structures and/or actors in the policy process; or deal with epistemological and methodological issues associated with research in Governance and Public Policy.