LOC05 International Relations | Relações Internacionais

Session Code
Session Chairs
Dr. Ana Paula Brandão
Prof. Maria Raquel Freire
Session Convenors
Dr. Carlos Jalali

International Relations have been facing multiple crises in a complex international setting, where the challenges related to forced migrations, socio-political and economic disruption, human rights violations, transnational illegal activities, persisting violence in differentiated contexts and with different intensities, asymmetrical multilateral relations and pressure on integration processes, among other, have been present. Moreover, new nationalisms in an open world translate well the debates that have arisen around complex shifts and adjustments in International Relations in the current context, including the co-constitutive effects of internal and external dynamics. The international system has increasingly become more interdependent and open, while also protectionist and inwards-focused, meaning the challenges to the international order are varied and coming from multiple sources. The political, economic, security, societal implications of these processes are enormous, involving contradictory and even simultaneous dynamics of inclusion, exclusion, socialization, assimilation, among other, as well as the opportunities that new forms of integration or accommodation at different levels, offer. Innovative theoretical and empirical approaches to analyse these challenges and opportunities they might bring along are in need. The shaping of policies and practices, the visions of international politics, the interpretations about the international order, the discursive approaches to peace and conflict, all contribute in a dynamic way to the making of International Relations. This panel invites topics related to political, societal, security and humanitarian crises and responses, from different theoretical perspectives and following distinct methodological approaches.