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Call for Proposals is Closed

Important notice

All previously accepted Open and Closed Panels remain in the 2021 Congress program. Panel convenors of already accepted panels must let us know by e-mail to if they wish to withdraw their panel(s). Before sending a panel cancellation, convenors shall communicate with the concerned participants about the decision to withdraw from the program.

Panel Proposal Key Dates

01 SEP 2020 Call for closed panel proposals for WC2021 begins
15 OCT 2020 Deadline for 2020 program participants to cancel their participation and withdraw their panel (with containing papers) from the 2021 Congress Program
20 OCT 2020 Deadline to submit closed panel proposals
20 NOV 2020
Deadline to review papers and complete the panels for panel convenors
10 DEC 2020 Deadline to review closed panels for Session Chairs
Deadline to complete all accepted panels
10 JAN 2021 Deadline to review closed panels for Program Chairs
10 FEB 2021 Proposal Acceptance/Rejection Notifications
(sent by e-mail to the individual who submitted the proposal)
18 MAR 2021 Early-bird registration deadline
1 APR 2021 Registration deadline to appear in the printed program 
Deadline to edit panel title and description
27 APR 2021 Final registration deadline for all panelists
Participants not registered are withdrawn from the Congress Program
20 JUN 2021 Deadline to upload full paper

Rules for Participation

Closed panel proposals can be submitted to the following sessions:

  • Research Committee (RC) sessions
  • General Sessions (GS)
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Sessions

View Sessions Open to Submissions

  1. Anyone can submit a panel proposal. However, you must be signed up for a free IPSA website account to be able to submit a panel. You do not need to be a member of IPSA to submit a proposal, however in order to participate and register for the World Congress you must become an IPSA member.

  2. Closed Panel Proposal
    • A closed panel proposal should include a title, a description, 1 chair, 1 or 2 discussant(s) and 4-6 submitted paper abstracts.
      The panel convenor (proposer) will be responsible for sending invitations to the authors (presenters) and accepting all paper abstracts submitted to the panel.
    • Each panel lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  3. Panel proposals should strive to ensure a balanced representation of panelists in terms of region, gender and stage of career, in accordance with IPSA's Mission Statement. All-male panel proposals are not permitted.
  4. Only one convenor should submit the panel proposal. This person will be the Panel Reviewer and is responsible for accepting any paper abstracts submitted to the panel. Panels require a minimum of four (4) accepted papers to be accepted in the Program.  Panels cannot exceed six (6) accepted papers.
  5. The convenor is responsible for appointing a chair and a discussant, to add them to the online submission and for replacing these if they cancel their participation.  The convenor may act as a chair, co-chair or discussant in the panel.  The convenor may also present a paper in the panel.
  6. All papers for the panel must be submitted separately by the authors in their individual IPSA online account. The panel convenor (proposer) cannot submit or upload papers on the author’s behalf.
  7. To maximize participation in the world congress, it is necessary to limit the number of appearances of any single individual as follows:

    No individual may make more than one appearance in the program in each of the following categories:

    • Chair or co-chair of a panel
    • Papergiver
    • Discussant

Guidelines for Panel Proposals

All panel submissions must include a chair, co-chair (optional), 1-2 discussant(s), and 4-6 papers. The chair, co-chair and discussant cannot be the same person. More than one discussant may be added, but please keep in mind that there must be enough time during the panel for questions.

ALL panel members must be signed up for a free IPSA website account in order to have their names included as a chair, co-chair or discussant in the panel proposal. Panels submitted with a description only will be viewed as incomplete.


Panel proposals for any session must be submitted in English or French. Panel proposals in Portuguese may be submitted to LOC sessions.

Panel Title

  • The title cannot exceed 25 words.
  • Review your use of language.  Use a spell-checker to make sure you have not made any mistakes. 
  • Do not use ALL CAPS and Capitalize titles in English as per the example below:

Politics in a World of Inequality
Politics in a world of inequality

Panel Description

  • The description must not exceed 350 words.
  • Do not include references, bibliographical notes, or your contact information in the abstract text.
  • Review your use of language.  Use a spell-checker to make sure you have not made any mistakes.

Balanced Representation of Panelists

Panel proposals should strive for regional and gender balance and​ include younger scholars, in accordance with the diversity policy in IPSA's Mission Statement. As such, all-male panel proposals are not permitted.

Submit a Proposal

The deadline to submit proposals has passed.