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Call for Proposals is Closed

Important notice

Paper proposals that were accepted for the 2020 Program will remain in 2021 Congress Program. Accepted paper authors (submitted for WC2020) who wish to withdraw their paper from the 2021 Congress Program, must cancel their participation by e-mail to

Paper Proposal Key Dates

01 SEP 2020 Call for paper proposals opens for WC2021
(New participants only)
15 OCT 2020 Deadline for 2020 program participants to cancel their participation and withdraw their paper from the 2021 Congress Program
20 OCT 2020 Deadline for paper proposal submissions
5 NOV 2020 Review of paper proposals begins
20 NOV 2020
Deadline to review paper proposals for panel convenors
10 DEC 2020 Deadline to review papers and closed panels for Session Chairs
Deadline to complete all panels
10 JAN 2021 Deadline to review papers and closed panels for Program Chairs
10 FEB 2021 Proposal Acceptance/Rejection Notifications
(sent by e-mail to the individual who submitted the proposal)
18 MAR 2021 Early-bird registration deadline
1 APR 2021 Registration deadline to appear in the printed program 
Deadline to edit paper title and abstract as it will appear in the printed program
27 APR 2021 Final registration deadline for all panelists
Participants not registered are withdrawn from the Congress Program
20 JUN 2021 Deadline to upload full paper

Rules for Participation

New participants may propose a paper abstract to a session of interest that is open to submissions. Paper authors who already have an accepted paper in the program (submitted for WC2020) should NOT submit new proposals.

The three types of sessions are:

  • Research Committee (RC) sessions
  • General Sessions (GS)
  • Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Sessions

Papers in English or French may be submitted to any session or in an English or French panel. Papers in Portuguese may only be submitted to LOC sessions or to a Portuguese panel in a LOC session.

NOTE: If you have been invited to submit a paper to a panel, you must use the submission link provided in the invitation. If you did not receive it, please contact the panel convenor (organizer).

View Sessions Open to Submissions

  1. Anyone can submit a paper proposal. However, you must be signed up for a free IPSA website account to be able to submit a proposal. You do not need to be a member of IPSA to submit a proposal, however in order to participate and register for the World Congress you must become an IPSA member.
  2. Only the main author should submit the paper proposal. Co-authors (if any) must be added once the abstract is submitted.
    ALL panelists must be signed up for a free IPSA website account in order to have their names included as a co-author in the paper proposal or another role on the program.
  3. To maximize participation in the World Congress, it is necessary to limit the number of appearances of any single individual as follows:
    No individual may make more than one appearance in the program in each of the following roles:
    • Chair or co-chair of a panel
    • Discussant on a panel
    • "Papergiver": may appear twice - once as a main author and once as a co-author. Should more than one of your proposals be accepted, only 1 will be accepted in the final program and any others rejected.  You will have the choice to choose the proposal you wish to keep.
  4. If you are accepted:
    • You will be asked to upload the complete paper by 20 June 2021 in your account.
    • Be prepared to present your paper orally, in no more than 15 minutes at the Congress.
    • Your name will ONLY appear in the Printed Program if you register by 1 April 2021.
    • Register by 27 April 2021. If you fail to complete the registration by this date, your paper will be withdrawn from the Program.

      Paper proposals can only be edited by the main author (the person who submitted the proposal).

      The Abstracts and the Full papers presented at the Congress will be available (in PDF format) to IPSA members in the Conference Proceedings Library  on the website

      IPSA does not publish a printed Book of Proceedings or a Book of Abstracts for the Congress.

Guidelines for Paper Proposals


Paper proposals for any session must be submitted in English or French. Paper proposals in Portuguese may be submitted to LOC sessions.

Paper Title

  • The title cannot exceed 25 words
  • Do not write your title in quotation marks
  • Do not use ALL CAPS and Capitalize titles in English as per the example below:

Politics in a World of Inequality
Politics in a world of inequality
"Politics in a World of Inequality"

Paper Abstract

  •  The following points should be covered in your Abstract:
    1. the research question your paper investigates
    2. a very brief description of the methodological approach​
  • The Abstract must not exceed 350 words.
  • Do not include references, bibliographical notes, or your contact information in the abstract text.
  • Review your use of language.

Submit a Proposal

The deadline to submit proposals has passed.


Revise a Submitted Paper Proposal


  • Login to your IPSA account at
  • Access your paper proposal in [My Congress] user menu
  • Click on List of my papers
  • Click on the the paper title
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Mare the desired changes to the title or the abstract
  • Scroll down and click "Save"

Guidelines for Full Papers

Main authors of accepted paper proposals, should upload the complete paper in PDF format by 20 June 2021, 23:00 (-4 UTC).


  • A written paper, in English or French, no more than 25 pages, single-spaced on letter-sized (or A4) paper (8.5” x 11”).
    Paper proposals in Portuguese may be submitted to a panel in the LOC sessions.
  • Authors are free to choose the citation style of their paper.
  • Papers should be uploaded in PDF format only.

Please do not send your paper to the congress organizers by e-mail.

Paper Content:

Your full paper should:

  1. Have an informative descriptive title
  2. Address a significant problem or puzzle
  3. State a clear research question
  4. Review the relevant literature and debates
  5. Explain your methodology and research design
  6. Organize your evidence and findings logically
  7. Provide clear and convincing analysis
  8. Summarize your conclusions succinctly

To Upload the Full Paper

  • Login to your IPSA account at
  • Access your paper proposal in [My Congress] user menu
  • Click on List of my papers
  • Click on the “Upload your paper” button, under the paper title
  • Under the Paper header, click Browse and select a PDF file
  • Scroll down and click "Save"

     Please note:

  • You will be able to replace your uploaded paper at a later date if you so require (ie. If you are unable to provide the final version before the 20th of June deadline).

  • Inclusion of your paper in the IPSA Conference Proceedings Library does not constitute publication of your paper. You can choose to have your full paper removed at any time after the Congress.

To Replace or Remove your Full Paper:

  • Access your paper proposal by selecting List of my papers in [My Congress] user menu
  • Click on the the paper title
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Under the 'Paper'  header
    click 'Remove' and then 'Browse' and select a PDF file (to replace a full paper)
    click 'Remove' (to remove a full paper)
  • Scroll down and click "Save"